– October 2013 –

“If I haven’t said it enough in the past, Carrie Meehan is one of the most influential people in my riding career over the last year. I met her by chance at Heritage Park H.T last year (probably because I talk to everyone and can’t keep my mouth shut about adorable ponies… Yes I’m a huge Rusty groupie) but ANY ways… Since then she has been a constant source of long distance advice, guidance, rump kicking, motivating and general refocusing for me. I’m painfully competitive, overly excitable, and it’s so refreshing to talk to someone who can walk the walk and talk me through my own head. Yet again she hits the nail on the head with her blog ( “What is your Light Bulb” October post) and refocusing your mistakes into benefits. She is truly the next generation of 3-Day Eventers, and one whom I will always look up to, and strive to hold myself to her standards.”

-Shannon Riley owner and founder of Infinity Sport Horses


(picture above is Shannon and her own ‘Man in Black’ running Preliminary in the Fall 2013 Dunnabeck H.T )

– September 2012 –

Carrie and Phoenix on their way to a 2nd place finish at the American Eventing Championships in 2012

“My name is Mallory Stiver and I am the owner & rider of Up In Flames, the horse that Carrie piloted to a reserve champion finish at the 2012 American Eventing Championships after receiving the ride a short two weeks before AEC’s. Phoenix is by no means an easy ride, in fact so many people have told me he is not worth the time or effort and had a terrible work ethic.  I was able to qualify him for AEC’s, but after a series of bad luck, we had no funds to take him and compete. I knew Carrie would be the perfect rider to take him because of her past successes and when she came and rode him the first time, I could tell that she believed in him as much as I did. Phoenix is extremely talented, but needs someone that understands him that can let his talent shine. I believed in him, but I was beginning to feel frustrated with him after every ride. It got so bad to the point that I contemplated selling him & quitting riding. Carrie taking him to AEC’s did wonders for P-man and I. I was able to get a break from riding, and Carrie made a remarkable difference in Phoenix’s life. Not only did he get second place in an extremely competitive division of 30+ riders, but he came back feeling like a completely different horse. He felt like he was actually happy working and in turn, motivated me again to really pursue my goals with him. Two weeks after the AEC’s, Phoenix and I won a one day event on a 28, leading from start to finish, which I credit all to Carrie. She understands horses that most people overlook, and she lets them flourish into whatever they can be!”