Hey everyone, as of October 2013 this is a new page I created (I have no idea why I haven’t made one sooner!) with simple news and notes about current things happening.  This way I can highlight things without having to make an entire blog post about it.  Hope you all like it!

Past news and notes:


February 1st Higgins makes it to Kansas City from Ireland!


April 11th : Happy makes it over to the states!!

September :
Happy completes his first recognized Beg.novice H.T with no jump penalties!
Rusty wins Dunnabeck H.T on his dressage score after a year hiatus!

October : Rusty wins Holly Hill C.T on his dressage score!

December 2013

Duane’s Country was featured on EventingNation’s ‘Thoroughbred Legends Series”

see here http://eventingnation.com/home/thoroughbred-legends-presented-by-cosequin-duanes-country/

August and September 2013