Carrie started riding at the age of 6 and at the age of 14 fell in love with and started competing in the sport of 3-day Eventing.  She grew up in her hometown of Leawood, Kansas but after highschool graduation, headed out East to continue her training with 4-star event rider Emily Beshear in Somerset, Virginia.  She was a working student on and off for Emily throughout the next 5 years while also taking classes at the local community college and then later attended the University of Virginia studying Chemistry and Environmental Science.


While in Virginia, Carrie got the opportunity to ride a variety of horses.  She also worked around multiple local racetracks and learned how the thoroughbred racing world works.  From working directly with the owner of a small racing facility to galloping and breezing 5-6 racehorses a day, she gained invaluable experience in other areas of the horse world.


Carrie first learned of her love and understanding for young and green horses while working with Emily.  After she was given the ride on a saddle broke home-bred 3 y/o, she discovered how rewarding it could be to start with a clean canvas and to help the horse find its place in the world.  Since then, Carrie has loved working with any horse she can get her hands on, and is usually the ‘go-to’ girl for difficult problem horses because of her quiet riding style, unwavering patience, and understanding.  Whether it be 3-day Eventing, Show-Jumping, Dressage, or even just some basic tuning up, Carrie has the experience and training to help the horse go whatever direction it chooses.

Carrie’s Mission:

 To take difficult, young, or inexperienced horses and help them grow and flourish into successful happy horses in their part of the horse world.  Mutual trust and understanding are the building blocks to produce a happy horse who enjoys his job, whatever that may be.