Livin’ the Dream


I hope I don’t sound like a pansy-tutu-wearing-5-year-old when I say…woooweee it’s Tuesday and I’m already pooped. I’ll share my schedule with you all so I can defend myself a wee bit.

715a.m – 10 a.m First one in at the Office
10 a.m – 12:30/1 p.m drive to the barn…ride both horses…drive back to office (I do it this way so the weather can warm up a bit…and the horses will be free for their afternoon turn out)
12:30/1 p.m – 5/530 p.m lunch then continue work at the office

then I work out at the gym with my wonderful personal trainer Jennifer…then I go home..usually run 2-3 miles…make dinner (frozen chicken mmm…?)…and have an hour or so of TV watching before I pass out and do it all over again the next day.

Not to mention I work Saturdays too…

Though, my mom spoils me with Starbucks coffee every morning….so I can’t complain too much.

Ahh. Sorry, rambling. It happens.

Any who, in the midst of all of my day to day Chaos…a  lot of coffee is consumed…but even so I feel myself draining quickly before Hump-Day hits.

And yesterday I showed up to the gym with my barn clothes…whoops…. because I am so all over the place…I basically pack 3 wardrobe changes every morning.

I am a true believer in keeping my horses and my riding to a level where it isn’t my single source of income (or any source, at this point).  I know people who ride/train/teach full time and love it and are OK with not having gobs of extra money because they are fulfilled (most of them) …but I just know that’s not for me.

First off, I don’t want my horses to become a job…because I want to keep the joy in it…and I know, for me personally, if it was the only way of living I had…I would become bitter and start to resent it.

Today, on my drive to the barn…I felt myself starting to wonder why I’m killing myself. How much easier my life would be without horses and running myself into the ground every day just to make all of my dreams come true.

Then you know what I thought about? Winning AEC with Rus this year.  To this day…it still brings tears to my eyes. and when I see him come to greet me when I walk into the barn…it’s a feeling nothing else can create.

He’s got something I call his ‘bug/crazy eye’…it’s white around the edges (unlike the normal brown/black)…it’s only his left eye…so when he looks at me it’s always super expressive and makes me laugh. My mom and I tease him about it all the time…Rusty flashing us his ‘bug eye’…sorry Rus, we love you!


My point? I love that freaking horse more than my own life.  He brings me so much joy. And accomplishing so much with him in such a short time…it makes my life worth living. I used to say the best day of my life was winning AEC with Duke the second year in a row…but my win with Rus takes the cake…and the hot-fudge ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.

I bet a lot of riders have these same kind of feelings.

It’s a love hate relationship…but mostly love.

I gotta do it and quote Lil’ wayne in one of my favorite songs…he says

“Say it’s a curse…but it’s been mostly a blessing”

We do this because they make our dreams come true…so we do everything we can to give them the best life possible. This is also why I spend more moo-lah on my horse than I ever do on myself…

and my Christmas wish-list should just be called…”awesome-stuff-to-help-Rusty-live-a-life-of-luxury”

So, not only do I run myself into the ground…I love every minute of it. Because dreams are worth it…and my horses are worth it. Here’s to another day living the dream people.

Living the mother freakin’ dream.


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